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A "Live-managed" Workplace Interaction Platform

Everyday L&D Every Day

Continuous Learning & Practice for Business English Excellence through exposure to Curated Content. Create Work-groups, Manage Your Team, Deliver L&D/Sales Training, and Conduct Rewards & Recognition for your teams on  BizComPro.Com 

A Live-Managed
Work-place Interaction Platform

Trainer & Team Leader/Manager Guided Engagement: Publish Curated Content relevant to your Business/Role.

- Everyday Social Media Actions-
Repurposed for Learning

Chat, Upload Vlogs, Share Business Articles, React, Criticize, Debate, Emote: A Strictly-business Discussion & Shop-talk Platform.

- Professional Feedback Loop -
Learn from Trainers & Co-workers

Continuous learning through Feedback from Trainers & your Co-workers. An Echo Chamber for Business Communication Practice.

Cracking The Business Communication Code

Community & Continuity
Are Learning Essentials

Our Business Conversation or Communication competence develops organically when we interact with co-workers, customers, stakeholders and clients. “Shop Talk” is an extremely powerful learning driver for Business Communication Excellence. Collective learning or Co-learning at the Workplace becomes critical in that learning journey. 


“We-Learning” is truly remarkable.


Biz Com Pro hosts Groups of 10 Members from the same Team, Department or Function. Our panel of Trainers will guide them online with Discussion Starters, facilitate Group Feedback, Industry specific Business Article Reviews or a healthy competition around Presentation skills. With Social Networking features like Chat, Micro-VLOG Video uploads & Gamification Awards, Biz Com Pro provides an engaging Group Learning Experience over a 12 Month Period. Welcome to ‘New Media’ Learning.

Measuring Communication Skills - A Collective Assessment

Communication Excellence
- Observable & Measurable -

1. Time & Activity on-site Indicates Learning Effort Quantification.

2. Gamification reward for Daily Login and Penalty Deductions for gaps.

3. Weekly Selfie Videos will help regularize Individual Inhibitions.

4. In-house Blog will provide Daily Reading & Weekly Writing opportunities.

5. Upward trend in attracting Views & Likes on uploaded Business Stories.

6. Ability to Give & Receive Feedback in an Effective & Productive manner.

7. The learners’ Rep. Mgr. will be assigned ‘Observer’ status on the site.

8. In-group feedback to gauge Collab & Teamwork levels for each Learner.

Talent August LMS for Digital Content On Biz Com Skills

Exclusive Access:
Talk-through Course Content

Learners will have Exclusive Year-long Access to our Digi-Content LMS Platform – www.talentaugust.com

An Engaging, Short Form (less than 8 Min) Video course content repository with Trainer Talk-through presentations for Biz Com Excellence.

Digi-Media Curriculum will cover relevant learning areas, such as:

1. Attitude & Mindset for Communication Skill Excellence.

2. Feedback & Feedforward Essentials for the Professional Forum.

3. Managing Personal Inhibitions – Growing Your ‘Safe’ Space.

4. Productive Criticism & Tempered Appreciation.

5. Communication Exercises, Activities, Games for Virtual/Remote Meetings.

6. How to Manage Key Stakeholder Relationships @ Work.

Team Building in A Boundary-less Virtual World

Cohesive & Coherent Virtual Teams

The Business World has already entered the realm of Virtual On-boarding, Virtual Team Meetings & Virtual Training Programs. However, Team cohesion & coherence depend heavily on ‘Real’ relationships for genuine Bonding.


Biz Com Pro provides a Strictly-business & Trainer Supervised Professional Networking Platform for Co-workers to engage in ‘Shop Talk’ on a daily basis. An opportunity to connect at a ‘Professional’ level to further a ‘Personal’ bond between co-workers. Virtual Interaction – Real Bonding.

First Mile Media - Content & Context Architects

L&D 365©
Learning Annuity

First Mile Media has cracked the “Touch & Go” nature of L&D Training Programs, wide open. With a series of Facilitator led Classroom & VC sessions, Our training designs have adequate coverage of Learning Concepts and sufficient depth in terms of Application at Work.

Once the Facilitator-Learner interaction on key learning areas is complete, we host & engage learners on BizComPro (A “We-Learning” Platform),

for 12 Months as a Learning Continuity Measure.

On Demand L&D Customization

No Libraries. No Shelves.
We develop course and content structures from scratch. Our training program designs are aligned with your Industry type and the specific challenges associated with the participants’ function, role, and KPIs. Custom Utility L&D.

Digital Content LMS Portal

Talent August LMS Portal offers access to engaging digital content around the Training Topic in the form of Talking Presentation Videos. Experience a host of Multi-Modal Content on talentaugust.com A calendarized Drip Schedule for the overall Training Session Plan.

Live Webinars for Remote L&D

Our Remote L&D Training Plans include Live VC/Webinar sessions to converge what participants have learnt from the Talent August LMS Portal. These Live Interactions are Usually 90 Minutes to 3 Hour sessions that help you determine ‘Application of Learning Content @ Work’.

12 Month Learning Continuity

Biz Com Pro, our Collective Learning Community engages participants for 12 Months post L&D Training Sessions. Continuity is Key and Critical to L&D ROI. Learner Groups can Collaborate and Compete with each other on this forum.

Digitize Tech Training Content

Since your employees are already accessing the Talent August Portal for L&D content, let’s bring your Technical Skill Training Content on the same platform. Park your Content Digitization and Session Planning worries with us.

In-House the L&D 360 Model

Internalize L&D 360?
Build – Operate – Transfer
Our end-to-end Execution and Knowledge Transfer process will enable and allow your internal HR L&D teams to run L&D 360 for your organization, independently.

Adding Purpose to Professional Networking

Member Onboarding

BizComPro is a Strictly Business, Professional Network for We-Learning or Group Learning for L&D Training.
The membership on-boarding process is currently subject to a short preliminary discussion. This is to ensure that there is a Group Consensus on the Learning Goal thus preserving the Utility Value of the platform.
Membership Access is triggered by our team as soon as the on-boarding discussion phase is complete, which is why a membership cannot be purchased directly from bizcompro.com as of now.
Initiate the Learning Goal Discussion Process with us:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Mobile: +91 910 818 2001
Fixed Line: 080 417 138 38
A BizComPro membership is not available for purchase to Individuals. We are a Group Learning Network therefore the onboarding applies to One or many groups at a time. We have opened membership for Corporate Groups and Independent Groups at this point in time. You can reach us at any one of the co-ordinates mentioned on the left to initiate a group onboarding discussion.
The Group On-boarding Discussion includes:
1. Establish a common consensus on the Learning Goals.
2. A Learning Roadmap is charted out for the group.
3. A Lead Facilitator is assigned to the Group.
4. Members select a Moderator for their Group.
5. Members sign-off on the Code of Conduct Document.
6. A Membership Link with a Private Group Setting is shared with all the members of the Group.

Our “Corporate Group” on-boarding is paid for by your employer therefore, members need not pay anything for a 12 Month period or as long as these Group Subscriptions are renewed by your organization.

Our “Individual Group” On-boarding process gives learners/members the option of forming their own learning partners who may or may not work for the organization You work with. Simply initiate the onboarding discussion with us and we will organize the rest of the group formation. We have special subscription fees which will suit you better since your organization isn’t funding this learning experience. Also, if you’ve ever been trained in the past by Learning In Motion. Dilzee or JP – We have a special “Honor System” subscription model for you.
Biz Coins are part of our Gamification System which allows you to track your Effort Levels towards the training topic. You are rewarded with Biz Coins each time you log in to the site, upload videos for feedback, post an article etc. Members/Groups with the highest Biz Coin Points are constantly highlighted on bizcompro.com
You can leave a group and join another at any point in time – No Questions Asked. The Community Management Protocol Document clearly outlines how new members can be added, existing members replaced or changed. The Group Moderator will hand-hold your Entry and Exit Process.

First Mile Media

Preview L&D 360

Here’s a Multi-Modal Digital Explanation of L&D 360